The way to answer a curious onlooker

The question blogger writers get quite often is what are you working on? What are you doing? They can reply in the comments section or their own posts. Sometimes, the question is asked face-to-face.

The insecure writer blogger, who is doing no writing at all, will get around this by saying something to cover up their lack. The secure writer blogger will tell them straight forwardly or half-jokingly what they are up to. Whether writers announce what they are up to or not, writing is really something one does in the privacy of their heart. It does not need to announce it, or boast of it. It just is. So, when someone is asking, what are you working on, I say, I don’t know. I get a few odd stares, but I mostly get people’s attention straight away. I know something is coming. They sense it, too. But I don’t slip them my card at this point. I talk about something else. The stuff of life–what’s happening, what can happen. And sometimes, I get to talk about spiritual stuff.

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