Introspective writer’s moments

They tell you to never look back. It just stifles the present. In writing, it makes one think of the negative points of one’s writing. I wish I had done it better one moans. However, I do not mind looking back at what I have written in the past if just for the curiosity of rediscovering how my older work sounded.

But it goes further than that. For me, it goes into discovering if my work sounded good.

Call it insecurity. I cannot bear the thought that it did not sound as good as it should have been. But, as they say, experience is a learner, and reflecting on my older work has enabled me to see the good points and those things that needed improving…there was one thing in particular that needed weeding or ironing out.

I had somewhat forgotten the advice of my tutor who had pointed out some time ago my weak point, but that I was able to see more clearly when coming to grips with my writing.

In the end, the process of looking back illuminated my writing realities and what I could improve on. A few words spoken in conversation even improved my writing, in that something said made me think, and that became a catalyst for broadening my writerly expression.

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