What happened to the second person in the godhead when Jesus (the Son of God) came to earth?

I have put on a song called “Endless” that was released in 1994 and is sung by a Christian musician named Eric Champion. The song is about God’s endless love. It got me thinking about the godhead.

As I listened, I may not know a lot about God’s love, but I got to thinking about the godhead, that I believe God is three persons in one, and are bound together by love. But I have a question.

Some of us believe that God is in heaven in three persons. The second person is God the Son, who was known as Jesus when he was on earth. So, I wondered what happened to the godhead, when the Son of God (or Jesus), the second person in the godhead, came to earth? In heaven, where there were three persons in the godhead, were there now only two?

I suppose this is a common theological question for students and others. I think the common answer is that Jesus was always spiritually and divinely connected with God even when he was on earth. There was no disconnection. From his conception, Jesus was one with God. He had an unbroken relationship with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, the other two persons in the godhead. So, God was still God, there persons in one.

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