Mission and connecting to the culture

Do Christians go in and try and make converts first or listen and learn the languages and customs of cultures so they can relate the Christian message better to the culture? Or do Christians become assimilated by the culture they are trying to connect with?

Mission and outreach are important to Christians. Some Christians may go right in with forthright proclamation of the Christian message and others will learn from the culture to better communicate the Christian message to the culture.

Some Christians try to use the culture to reach the culture with the Christian message.

The mission or Great Commission to go and make disciples, and learning the languages and customs of a culture, are both important considerations for Christians in their outreach, as are relationships with people who are not Christians. The Christian faith has always been one where mission and outreach is imperative. That’s because this faith teaches that without Jesus Christ, humanity has lost its connection to the Creator and is forever lost, but in recent times, the message has become increasingly layered, as churches try to reach an indifferent culture in more relevant ways, and some have adapted their theology. Therefore, is the Christian faith and message still relevant to the cultures it is trying to reach?

Many Christians believe Christianity teaches truths about reality and God, so the Christian faith still has a lot to offer.

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