To continue or not to continue writing after New Year’s

New Year can mean there is a spike in divorces, according to one lawyer. Does it also mean a spike in giving up vocations,  jobs, employment or gigs as well? One may feel like giving the job away after a nice relaxing holiday.

They call this the back to work blues or something like that. If you’re in a day job, you may quit and do something else, or keep on keeping on with the job you wished you loved, because you like the staff and not the job itself. On the other end, if one doesn’t have commitments in writing, why continue writing at all?

There are writers who have commitments. I mean, they get to write and set goals because that’s expected of them, by the publisher, if they enjoy doing this or not. For these people, it pays the bills, as they say.

What’s the point of writing if you have no commitments like these? Why doesn’t one throw it in? For me, who is not stuck to any employer or publisher, here are reasons to keep on going when there seems no point. 

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